After a Collision, Call the Alfa Auto Rescue Team

Repair Experts Return Damaged Cars to Original Condition

When you proudly drive your car off the sales lot – or even out of your driveway – you know it’s in pristine condition. Once on the road, however, your car is subjected to the wear and tear of rain, wind, heat, cold, ice, road hazards, vandalism, parking obstacles and other drivers.

Any one of those factors can result in body damage to your car. The worst damage comes from a collision with another automobile, however. When that happens, Alfa Collision Center is there for you. Our collision repair technicians have the training and experience to quickly get you back on the road, driving a pristine vehicle you can be proud of once again.

After a Collision

  • Immediately after a collision, you should attempt to move out of traffic to protect yourself and others.
  • Contact the proper authorities such as police, fire or ambulance at the scene when needed
  • Exchange insurance and contact information with other drivers, property owners and witnesses.
  • Jot down detailed notes while the incident is fresh in your mind. It’s often a good idea to draw a map of the collision or take photos.
  • Call Alfa Collision Center for a tow truck to remove your car from the scene. The towing service number 678.860.3104.

Repairing Your Auto Body Damage

Once we tow in your car, or you bring it to our location, we’ll do a thorough damage assessment. We’ll discuss all the repair options recommended and answer any questions you may have before giving us the go-ahead to start repairs.

Alfa Collision works with all major auto insurance companies directly. Alfa Collision also provides premium rush repair services to help you when you’re in a hurry. We even assist you in completing the insurance claims process, if applicable.

Our focus is on providing the best customer service to ensure the safety of your vehicle and your complete satisfaction with any repairs we do.

For collision repair in Roswell GA, call (770) 619-4000 for a free estimate.